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...there's virtually no such thing as an industry or niche where thought leadership, interesting/share-worthy content and great inbound marketing can't work. Rand Fishkin, founder, SEOMoz

Thought leadership isn't just a marketing method or medium.

Thought Leadership is not a method like SEO or a medium like video. Thinking of it as either would be like considering the omelet pan as one of the ingredients. Like the omelet pan, it's more pervasive- the environment where all the ingredients come together to make a great dish.

All marketing methods and media become optimized and amplified when used as vehicles for Structure-Based Thought Leadership.

This implies a greater mission behind marketing. Instead of marketing just to make people aware of your company, market to lead them to new ways of thinking that teach them to see your (or your clients') company as the only choice. Structure-Based Thought Leadership enables you to do just that.

What is Structure-Based Thought Leadership?

Some seem to think thought leadership is only about demonstrating your expertise. We believe thought leadership is more about empowering your audience to get everything they can out of what you offer. It's not about your thinking, it's about your audience's thinking. Your thinking is only relevant when you can also lead your audience there to help them get more value out of what you sell, make a smarter buying decision, think about how to use it with greater understanding and clarity, or elevate its purpose to something completely new and different.

There is a structure to thought leadership when it is done this way. We have used Systems Thinking and NLP modeling methods to And there are specific building blocks that assemble to make a good structure.

"My family and I have put our entire faith .. into Thaut's thought leadership model. ..." David Beckley, founder, mPower6

"Chris and his team have thautfully and creatively created something really unique to help people market themselves and their brand better, so that they can reach the people they want to reach and beyond..." Kimi Hugli, artist, founder of KimiYoga

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The Thaut Triad = LEO

Listen | Envision | Output

Audience Attunement

Listen to Your Audience on Multiple Levels to Hear Opportunities They & Others Miss.

Thought Leadership Studio

Envision Your Thought Leadership as Shifts in Thinking Enhancing the Lives of Your Audience.

MindShift Director

Output Your Thought Leadership as Content , Positioned & Promoted Effectively to Reach Your Audience and Move Their Thinking. Measure Impact, Refine, Repeat.

Where to Start: Your Market Leadership Playbook

The Market Leadership Playbook we create specifically for each client we serve guides their structure-based thought leadership with a role similar to that of a brand guide.

However, it is far more than a "brand guide". It includes the building blocks of a structure of audience-centered thought leadership. It guides your organization to benefit the marketplace with the fresh thinking that sets your company apart from all others.

Have an agency? We can also provide the Playbook as kit + training & tools for you to deliver ... or as a white-label service. Either way, let us empower you to serve your clients distinctively and at a higher level.

Multiple Levels

Your Market Leadership Playbook: Audience Attunement

The privacy-respecting way we do multiple level audience listening discovers what your marketplace would love that they (and your competitors) likely don't even realize yet. Competitors will miss these opportunities by being trapped in the top-down customer data paradigm.

Library of Ideas

The Idea-Library of Talking Points

The Playbook also includes persuasion-optimized talking points - AKA Support Points - to fuel an enthusiastic content marketing program with a never-ending flow of ideas. Support Points are designed to move market thinking along various Thought Leadership Paths from old (origin) to new (destination) thinking. The Support Point Library speeds up content production as well as adding impact. With it, content planning and production are much easier and faster.

Thaut Market Leadership Playbook Cover

Market Leadership Playbook: More

The Playbook also includes a Market Landscape Report, Thought Leadership Position Report, Thought Leadership Paths Reports, and a Content Strategy & Calendar giving the confidence and clarity of knowing how to output these ideas into various forms of web media - like your website, blog, YouTube videos, PR outreach, and podcast- promote them well, and lead a market segment. Use it yourself, give it to your web firm or agency (we are also happy to work directly with them), or let us handle end-to-end implementation for you with a turn-key program. Our Free 5-Point Consult explains it all- click to schedule.

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