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Such an amazing and creative way to help figure out how to make what you do and what you want to give and share with the world successful... Kimi Hugli, artist and founder of KimiYoga

...Thaut has helped turn my original idea into an even better one! ... listened to my needs and wants and helped guide mPower6 into something that not only will lead to a successful business, but also set us apart in the marketplace... David Beckley, founder of mPower6

Thaut is an exciting venture that ties (founder Chris McNeil's) manifold skills together with AI to provide the marketplace with a top tier, first of its kind thought leadership platform... Boyd Stough, President, Etsy Revenue

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Thought leadership isn't just a marketing method or medium.

Thought Leadership is not a method like SEO or a medium like video. Thinking of it as either would be like considering the omelet pan as one of the ingredients. Like the omelet pan, it's more pervasive- the environment where all the ingredients come together to make a great dish.

All marketing methods and media become optimized and amplified when used as vehicles for Strategic Thought Leadership with the Thaut Process.

This implies a greater mission behind marketing. Instead of marketing just to make people aware of your company, market to lead them to new ways of thinking that teach them to see your (or your clients') company as the only choice. Strategic Thought Leadership with the Thaut Process enables you to do just that.

Marketing Your Company?

Enjoy building your customer base faster and with less effort as the thought leader of your niche. Read on or click here for more.

Have or Represent an Agency?

Stand apart from the fatigue of the "agency look-alike" syndrome and get energized with an organized high-impact message building program. Draw out the enthusiastic client engagement that makes your job easier and more fun. Click here to inquire and learn more about our agency partnership managed service and white label programs.

Content Writer?

The Thaut Process fuels the inspiration of your own personal creativity, shows the client the purpose and impact of each piece with the clarity that builds their confidence and supports more repeat business, as well as making the process of turning out great content faster and more enjoyable. Click here and use the agency inquiry form to learn more.

What is Strategic Thought Leadership?

Some seem to think thought leadership is only about demonstrating your expertise. We believe thought leadership is more about empowering your audience to get everything they can out of what you offer. It's not about your thinking, it's about your audience's thinking. Your thinking is only relevant when you can also lead your audience there to help them get more value out of what you sell, make a smarter buying decision, think about how to use it with greater understanding and clarity, or elevate its purpose to something completely new and different.

There is a structure to thought leadership when it is done this way. We use Systems Thinking and NLP modeling methods to decipher and utilize the structure of this audience-centered thought leadership. Specific building blocks assemble to make a robust structure.

We can assemble these building blocks for you and with you to give your company a strong, segment leading marketing program. We can either work with your existing marketing agency or seamlessly bring in a partner agency for the media creation and management.

Alternately, we can provide these building blocks to you so your company or agency can develop messages that cut through the clutter and lead the marketplace to embrace a new way of thinking about what you or your client company offers as the way to do it.

Either way, it is helpful to first consider them separated into 3 sections, as the LEO model of Strategic Thought Leadership provides:

The Thaut Triad = LEO

Listen | Envision | Output


Listen to Your Audience on Multiple Levels to Hear Opportunities Others Miss.

Audience Attunement

Primary Sense: Hearing
Mode: Passive
Movie Role: Audience, Critic


Envision Your Thought Leadership as a Path to New Thinking that Enriches Your Audience.

Thought Leadership Studio

Primary Sense: Vision
Mode: Creative
Movie Role: Screenplay Writer, Producer


Output Your Thought Leadership to Reach Your Audience and Move Their Thinking.

Mindshift Director

Primary Sense: Touch (Action)
Mode: Active
Movie Role: Director, Actor or Actress

Multiple Levels

Audience Attunement

The privacy-respecting way we do multiple level audience listening discovers what your marketplace would love that they (and your competitors) likely don't even realize yet. Competitors will miss these opportunities by being trapped in the top-down customer data paradigm.

Library of Ideas

The Idea-Library of Talking Points

Thaut generates persuasion-optimized talking points - AKA Support Points - to fuel an enthusiastic content marketing program with a never-ending flow of ideas. Support Points are designed to move market thinking along various Thought Leadership Paths from old (origin) to new (destination) thinking. The Support Point Library speeds up content production as well as adding impact. With it, content planning and production are much easier and faster.

Marketer's Guide Cover

Marketer's Guide to Strategic Thought Leadership

Get the Marketers' Guide to Strategic Thought Leadership Free Instantly.

• How to influence marketplace thinking in favor of your offering.

• Discover audience thinking.

• Define a new place to bring them where only your offering exists.

• Develop, publish, and promote content that guides them from A to B.

• Make every content piece count with a clear purpose.