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Without thought leadership, content marketing is just content pollution... yet more of the same stuff everyone else is saying.
Don't leave your prospects drowning in a sea of parrots.
Thought leadership isn't being just a "thought leader" . . it's creating a powerful Thought Leadership Model.
Extended Intelligence helps tap into you and your clients' inspiration, listen to the marketplace in a new, respectful way, and passionately lead a segment to a niche that is yours and yours only.

"Chris and his team have “thaut”fully and creatively created something really unique to help people market themselves and their brand better, so that they can reach the people they want to reach and beyond..."

"My family and I have put our entire faith and future into his thought (THAUT) leadership model. As a former coach, I did not know much about building a business. I knew my field. But, I know people...Chris McNeil is a good one, and has now ironically now become my coach and mentor, and I am so excited about our future together..."

Thought Leadership Studio

Thought Leadership Studio

Audience Attunement

Audience Attunement

MindShift Director

Mindshift Director

It's not "SEO vs. Thought Leadership",
it's "SEO with Thought Leadership!"

Thought Leadership can use the tools of search engine optimization in new, creative ways . . . and doesn't it show more mojo to create searches for a term instead of just fighting for the same fish as the other fishermen?

Search Engine Optimization


Thaut helps transform SEO by leading an audience to new ways of thinking about what they are already searching for. You can go where the fish are then lead them to your nets.

Content on Plants

Content Marketing

Instead of parrot content, give every blog, infographic, PR piece, and social post greater purpose and meaning by infusing it with ideas that support your thought leadership.

Put some Thaut into your marketing.

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