Why Thought Leadership?

What Web Content?

Problem: What Web Content Will Set a Company Apart?

Nearly all businesses need web content. According to the “B2B Content Marketing 2019” Report from Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 58% of marketers reported spending more on content creation in 2018 than in 2017. Source

91% of B2B companies use content marketing. - CMI Report

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content a day. - eMarketer

89%Marketers say they want impact.
According to Cision: “89 percent of marketers ranked improving the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact as a top priority.” (Demand Gen Report, 2017) Source

70%Customers prefer learning online to being sold to.
“70 percent of internet users want to learn about products through content versus traditional advertisements.” (MGD Advertising) Source

Sea of ParrotsYet too much content is still a sea of sameness.
Joe Pullizi of the Content Marketing Institute says (repetition is the) "One Thing (that) Is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It". Unless the content leads prospects to the new, distinctive, and empowering, it’s contributing to the glut we call “content pollution” and leaving prospects drowning in a sea of parrot content.

Solution - Thought Leadership: A Beacon of Light.

Beacon in Sea of ParrotsThe best way for your content to set you apart is Thought Leadership.
Thought Leadership is best done when the aim isn't so much to "be a thought leader" but, instead, create Thought Leadership Models
A Thought Leadership Model (TLM) is a system with a purpose.

The purpose of a particular TLM might be to

  • Help a market make more informed buying decisions about a particular product or service.
  • Help customers extract more value out of what you sell.
  • Learn to use it in new and different ways
  • Elevate the purpose to satisfy higher values
In general, it leads your prospects and customers to get a better and more distinctive fulfillment by shifting their thinking to where your Thought Leadership Models take them. If you do it well:
  • You teach them that your way is the way.
  • By getting them to embrace your model, you get lock on your market segment..
This is by definition: Thought Leadership happens when a particular way of thinking takes hold and becomes the way to think about something.

Light bulb on Ground

The answer to the problem of
"What content will set my company or clients' companies apart?" is
"Content built on Strategic Thought Leadership".