Thaut Team

Chris McNeil

Chris McNeil - Founder and CEO

The creator of 5th Level Web, Chris wrote web applications that won three awards for innovation. Chris is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a leader in its application to marketing.

David Demaris

Dave Demaris - AI Expert

David DeMaris has more than thirty years of experience across technologies including VLSI design, design optimization software, machine learning and advanced semiconductor processes. He has been an innovator in the application of signal processing and machine learning techniques in semiconductor design and process integration, holding several patents in this arena. His PhD research, panning neural network and computational neuroscience, focused on recurrent networks with time-varying coupling applied to tasks in visual psychology. In addition to extensive programming and scientific/engineering work, his graduate work in cognitive science, linguistics, neuroscience, and biosignal analysis has allowed him to recently work in expressive robotics and dialogs.

Alex Pavlunenko

Alex Pavlunenko - Lead Developer

Alex is a Software Engineer and an expert in object-oriented development. A master of C, C++, C#, Java and PHP, Alex has a proven record of system analysis and development.

Jim Doucher

Jim Doucher - CFO

As a Global Finance and Operations Executive, Jim leverages his expertise in finance, operations, IT & leadership to streamline inefficiencies, reduce costs, & transform cultures.

Jordan Gruber

Jordan Gruber - Marketing Consultant

Jordon is a marketing consultant and global technical marketing leader for DuPont. Jordon focuses on early market penetration, 
data analysis, and customer-facing of products.

Meaghan Poyer

Meaghan Poyer - Project Manager

Meaghan has extensive experience in research and media management in an academic environment. Her attention to thorough research and superb organizational skills keeps client content projects on point and making an impact with their audiences.

Kevin Gaskins

Kevin Gaskins - Designer

Kevin Gaskins is a web content specialist and designer. Kevin specializes in search engine optimization, photo editing and creation of graphic elements, formatting and layout creation, and site population and migration.

Meredith Poston

Meredith Poston - Contributing Writer

Meredith Poston is a contributing writer and social media strategist. Her roles include blogging and content writing, social media building and search engine optimization.