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You don't need me to tell you how competitive it is now for a digital agency. And, while I don't know what kind of agency you own, run, or represent, some things seem consistent to all.

Content is King

Many say it. But what does it mean? A king sets the direction for a kingdom. Leading content sets a new direction for thinking. So, we take thought leadership literally. It leads thinking somewhere new. When you see your web media as the face of you and your clients' businesses and it's all many people know of them, that view of the larger system reveals a need to focus on leadership with content.

Enhance SEO

Structure-based thought leadership expands the searches a company benefits from high rankings for. If you look at the bigger picture of how thought leadership can expand a company's keyword universe, it reveals that only tapping into the typical keywords for a business type leaves your company looking the same as all the rest. Or, you can cement your position as a confident leader to your customers by helping them develop thought leadership positions that expand the varieties of searcher intent their content satisfies.

Thought leadership also enhances the engagement metrics that are growing in search results impact. It isn't just about ranking high today, it's about the customers who come back tomorrow because you get people immersed in the new thinking the content leads them to. The return visits high-impact content encourages drives the rank up.

Leading Thinking with Systems Thinking and NLP

We use Systems Thinking and NLP to study the structure of true thought leadership - leading marketplaces to new thinking - and have modeled the process to create a content engine that:

  • Expands and strengthens SEO, opening up more relevant keywords and the engagement metrics that drive a page up the search results pages more quickly.
  • Speeds up the production of content. Once the foundation is built, it takes much less time to produce a given content piece that also has much higher impact.
  • Encourages the enthusiastic client engagement we need with the frame of thought leadership consulting.
  • Creates content that clients love. Every piece we produce now tends to get enthusiastic approval on first showing, maybe with just a typo correction or two. No more back-and-forth with 5 iterations before the client is happy.
  • Gives every content piece a clear purpose spelled out in a "backstory" report the client gets so they appreciate the work at a higher level.
  • Enables actually leading the marketplace to new thinking that embraces the clients' way of doing things as the way to do it so they wouldn't consider anyone else.
  • Instead of just measuring detached measures like traffic sources, clicks and time per page; actually measures the spread of distinctive ideas that define the clients' unique leadership positions in the marketplace.
  • Adds billed hours because, obviously, clients order more content when they see it working this way.

The Thaut Process offers you a High Impact Content Engine to set your agency apart. Let's cut through the clutter with messaging that inspires and moves your and your clients' audiences to new thinking to position you or your agency as the only choice to those who you choose to lead.

We call it structure-based thought leadership. We are currently offering it to agencies as a app-supported managed service and white label program. You take the trophies, we'll do the work behind the scenes. Or, we can empower you to run the system.

Send the form and we'll set a time to talk or for a demo. I look forward to meeting you, learning more, and sharing a tool that can add impact and speed to your copy writing and content production.

-Chris McNeil, founder