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the Thaut Market Leadership Playbook

The Market Leadership Playbook initiates and guides Strategic Thought Leadership Marketing for a company with a role similar to that of a brand guide. jump to the form.

However, it is far more than a "brand guide". It includes the building blocks of a structure of audience-centered thought leadership, specific to your organization, your target markets, and the breakthrough opportunities we uncover. It guides your organization to benefit the marketplace with fresh thinking that sets your company apart from all others.

Your Market Leadership Playbook will include

  • Audience Attunement Report- Knowing your market better gives comfort and clarity. And you can feel good about the privacy-respecting way we do multiple level audience listening and analysis that discovers what your marketplace would love that they (and your competitors) likely don't even realize yet. Your competitors can miss these opportunities because they are trapped in the top-down customer data paradigm. We take an alternate view and consider the whole of the relationship between a customer and a company, realizing it should start with respectful listening rather than studying their private "data" like they are inanimate targets. And doesn't it show more confidence as a brand to respect customer privacy? We learn different things in part because we listen from a different perspective
  • Market Landscape Report- Gain confidence by knowing where your (or your clients') organization fits in the mind of the marketplace versus the competition ... in the variables that matter most: what your customers and prospects value. Values are one of the most important higher thinking levels discovered in the Audience Attunement Report. And we can help you "redesign" that landscape to your advantage. You can, in that sense, be a landscape architect.
  • Thought Leadership Position- We empower you and your organization by helping you design an aligned, multiple-level thought leadership model that declares your position as the market leader. It sounds complicated but we make it easy. It's worth articulating the higher levels because that's where the leverage for market leadership is and where your competition is likely blank.
  • Thought Leadership Path(s)- The comfort and confidence of knowing your direction comes from clearly defining your prospects' paths from "old thinking" to "new thinking". A company will usually have 1-3 core Thought Leadership Paths (TLPs) and multiple supporting TLPs. Clearly defining new thinking for the marketplace this way - thinking that both serves the prospects and customers - gives your web content purpose, clarity and impact. Can you be surprised to experience that purpose, clarity, and impact spreading throughout your organization?
  • The Idea-Library of Support Points - These persuasion-optimized talking points** fuel an enthusiastic content program with a never-ending flow of ideas. Support Points are designed to move market thinking along various Thought Leadership Paths from old (origin) to new (destination) thinking. The Support Point Library speeds up content production as well as adding impact. With it, content planning and production are much easier and faster.
  • Strategic Content Calendar gives the confidence and clarity of having a plan and schedule to rhythmically output these ideas into various forms of web media - like your website, blog, YouTube videos, PR outreach, and podcast- promote them well, and lead a market segment.

Can you imagine the relief from the frustration of wondering "what content"?

If you back up and see the bigger picture where your media is the face of your company to the most people, the importance of innovative leadership in market education comes into focus.

Free Sample Thaut Market Leadership PlaybookEver get a gadget like a printer and become thankful it comes with "quick start instructions" so you can quickly get the most out of it? Your web presence can become that "quick start instruction book" to your marketplace that teaches prospects how to extract maximum value, gain a clearer understanding of, make the smartest buying decision when purchasing, or elevate the use of whatever it is you sell.

After all, it isn't about just filling the text area on a nice design, it's about leading the market to the new thinking that set you and your company apart as the obvious only choice.

The Playbook can set an effective marketing direction for the future that demonstrates your company as the obvious choice. As an iterative process, it can also be renewed regularly to generate abundant, fresh, high-impact content.

Thaut can create your Playbook as a short-term project for your company to use as a content guide and calendar. Or, we can also implement your Playbook and manage your web presence end-to-end as a turnkey program.

Consultation: What You Learn About Your Market Leadership Playbook

  1. What results you can expect from implementation.
  2. How long it will take to see such results.
  3. How extensive a playbook is right for your organization's situation and needs. For example, some larger or more complex organizations need multiple Thought Leadership Models and a more extensive library of Support Points to fuel content while others can succeed with less.
  4. What investment* it will take to create the ideal Playbook for your needs.
  5. What indirect or intangible, but also important, benefits you can expect from the Playbook and how to maximize those.**
  6. What implementation strategy is the best fit. We can provide it to your team or marketing agency for their use (with support if needed or wanted) or we can perform turn-key implementation end-to-end.

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*We'll shape it to your needs and situation. The scope is flexible so it's likely we can fit your budget.
**Sometimes the unexpected, emergent results are the best.

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