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Reviews for Thaut

"Such an amazing and creative way to help figure out how to make what you do and what you want to give and share with the world successfully. Chris and his team have “thaut”fully and creatively created something really unique to help people market themselves and their brand better, so that they can reach the people they want to reach and beyond. I am just a one woman show, but they helped me think creatively about how to approach marketing for what I do, and I only imagine what they could do for bigger businesses." - Kimi Hugli

"Two years ago, I was coaching college baseball at my alma mater - The Citadel - when my world got rocked, and I was let go after 16 years of service. Not wanting to start over, my mind went to work. I had an idea… After a few meetings with potential partners in this venture, my path crossed with Chris McNeil. My wife and I left that meeting with zero doubt that Chris McNeil was our guy! He was organized, had a vision, and had done his research! We were fired up! Fast forward nearly 6 months later, Chris has helped turn my original idea into an even better one! He listened to my needs and wants and helped guide mPower6 into something that not only will lead to a successful business, but also set us apart in the marketplace. He is an expert and a leader in his field. My family and I have put our entire faith and future into his thought (THAUT) leadership model. As a former coach, I did not know much about building a business. I knew my field. But, I know people...Chris McNeil is a good one, and has now ironically now become my coach and mentor, and I am so excited about our future together!" - David Beckley Owner / President mPower6, LLC

"Thank you so much for the Thaut leadership! Well done." - John Rector

"Of the many professionals I've had the pleasure of working with over the years, Chris is easily the most skilled at detecting trends, working with his clients to intersect major opportunities in the marketplace, and developing communications and marketing strategies that realize those opportunities. Added to his success as a business owner and software developer, Thaut is an exciting venture that ties Chris' manifold skills together with AI to provide the marketplace with a top tier, first of its kind thought leadership platform. Simply nobody better, in my honest opinion, than Chris to pioneer such important and (literally) influential work." - Boyd Stough / Founder / Espy Revenue