About Thaut

Thaut is a strategic thought leadership marketing program and app-supported managed service developed with experts in artificial intelligence, neurolinguistics, marketing, media and software development.

Put simply, we can give you or your company market leadership through strategic thought leadership content. Read along to learn about how we do that.

reading tabletThaut can be used to enhance and amplify all internet marketing:

We use Neurolinguistics for Both Market Analysis and Market Influence

We use innovative methods of market research, including neurolinguistic analysis of authentic online conversations about a product or service. This multi-level listening1 gives insights that enable breakthrough innovation, sales, lead generation, and market segment leadership. We also apply neurolinguistics to generate language patterns of influence for shifting marketplace thinking to Thought Leadership Positions that favor the unique offerings of our client companies.

The key to this process being empowering rather than manipulative is:

Instead of treating prospective customers as targets, we make what they want the target.

Rather than using tech to study them, we use it to study what they want, to better give it them. And that includes discovering how they want to learn about the products and services they buy. Like yours.

targetAn MGD Advertising study2 found 70% of internet users want to learn about what to buy through helpful content instead of being targeted by ads. When fishing for prospects' attention online, wouldn't you cast your net where the largest schools of fish are? They are where the learning is. So let's lead them to new, helpful thinking about what you sell and have fun doing it.

Shifting the point of view is what prevents such powerful persuasion technologies from being manipulative.

Pivoting marketing technology to serve the end customer seems counter-intuitive to marketers used to the invasive customer data targeting paradigm. Yet it works. The Vanguard Group in the UK has demonstrated that the customer sets the nominal value of a service3. We have found the prospect similarly sets the value of web content by where they choose to spend their attention and engagement. So you can only fully flush out waste and maximize return on investment in internet marketing by applying technology and developing web content from the perspective of the end user .

This also makes it a privacy-friendly, higher impact application of pull marketing and a viable alternative to the invasive, targeted ads that recent studies show actually create a distaste for a brand in prospects. And isn't it more insightful to see the systemic truth that hierarchies that don't serve the lower levels eventually collapse? By using empowering content designed to shift market thinking positively instead, Thaut helps the marketplace associate good feelings with the brands we represent to increase their leads, traffic, and sales.

It's not about the clicks on an ad from a customer-data harvesting targeted advertising program, it's about the higher profits that come from long-term perpetual customer relationships built on trust when you put your prospects' needs, including their online learning needs, first.

And imagine the breakthroughs in marketing return on investment that can come from doing so by leading them to unique thought leadership positions that empower them to

  • get more value out of what you sell,
  • make a smarter buying decision when purchasing,
  • understand it with more clarity,or
  • elevate its use to a new and better purpose....
...with your offering uniquely positioned as the only choice in your niche.

Print in a Digital WorldWe can provide end-to-end marketing campaigns (possibly with a partner agency) using the customary internet media and methods or provide the program as an app-supported managed service to clients, companies and agencies.

You can see its impact in multiple successful thought leadership client projects, some of which we've made case studies of, like with Ross Printing and mPower6.

We would love to discuss your project. Click here to contact us or use the info or form at the bottom of this page.

Written by Chris McNeil, founder of Thaut and 5th Level Web

1. Thaut's Audience Attunement reveals higher level thinking such as values, mental models, and identity.

2. See Hubspot- The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2019

3. See The Vanguard Method in a Systems Thinking Context.