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Content Marketing Projects

Web Content Refresh
Is your website not performing so you think you need a new one? Maybe new content - usually a much easier project - can give you the increased leads, customers, search rankings, and engagement you want so you don't need to commit the resources and time to a new website build. Our Thaut Content website remakes can bring engagement metrics and lead conversion of formerly low-performing websites through the roof- a recent web content remake increased average pages-per-visit by 170% and average time-per-visit by 770%. We can incorporate top-notch search engine optimization as well. If you really want a whole new website, we can provide that (through partner agencies) as well.

Thought Leadership Blogging

We can create and manage a blogging program to bring your leading ideas into the marketplace in the most effective way possible.

Market Strategy

Thought Leadership Concept Development

We can work with the best minds in your business to help you develop concepts, strategies, and tactics for market leadership that can be applied in both digital and traditional marketing and advertising. We have found that nearly every business has developed distinctive models that can help customers. But they rarely know how to organize, package and codify their thinking in a way that is attractive to the marketplace. We can help a business on a conceptual level first to create a library of unique talking points to draw from, then a practical level by guiding the production and promotion of content to positively influence the marketplace.

This takes the form of a consulting and R&D package that is unique to each situation. A free consultation gives us the chance to learn about each other and examine fit so you can explore what it can do for your business without risk.

The Guiding principle of all we do: Strategic Thought Leadership

Strategic Thought Leadership brings your web content and internet presence fully to life. There is no place in our world for "fluff" content that wastes peoples' time, pollutes the internet by parroting what already exists, and leads to your prospects clicking immediately away in favor of something more new and interesting. To be worthy of existing, it has to lead the prospect to helpful, new thinking that sets your company apart and gives you the confidence of clear leadership.

Operating with a strategic thought leadership paradigm brings meaning to a website or internet marketing campaign. Every website, web page, infographic, blog post, social media post, podcast, video, or search engine optimization (SEO) program now has a clear purpose to lead the prospect to greater value through the unique models of the businesses we represent.

Nearly every business leader has developed distinctive ways of helping the customer that can be discovered then packaged into powerful thought leadership models that impact marketplace thinking and add up to niche leadership. However, hardly any know how to package it well for the internet and organize into a content program that works. That's where we come in.

We do this with consultation and research and development. This can be integrated with any typical web marketing program to give it impact, power, and much better return on investment ... or stand on its own as a guiding manifesto for a business we call the...

Market Leadership Playbook

Web Content Strategy

We discover current audience thinking that reveals opportunities to shift market demand in favor of your offering. We map out one or more thought leadership paths with you to clarify how your content aims to influence your audience. We work with you to elicit the inspired creative thinking that open up new possibilities for market leadership with your content. And we build an idea-library of content snippets to draw from and feed an assembly line of content to inspire your marketplace to your way of thinking so they wouldn't consider doing business with another.

This populates a content calendar that is more than just a structure of delivering web content with a rhythm: it is engineered to give your company true market leadership.

Internet Campaign Plan