The THAUT Process of Strategic Thought Leadership

THAUT is an acronym that stands for Triadic Holistic Architecture Underlying Thought Leadership. It includes a set of models that serve as building blocks of high-impact, positive influence.

The THAUT Process of Strategic Thought Leadership

The THAUT Process of Strategic Thought Leadership is an acronym that stands for

T - Triadic
H - Holistic
A - Architecture
U - Underlying
T - Thought Leadership


The THAUT Process is Triadic in that it is a triple-perspective system. Multiple points of view inform the process and give it balance.

LEOAspect of THAUT Process3 EyesSensory SystemModeIdeal StatesMovie-Making Role
L = ListenAudience AttunementInsightAuditoryPassiveEmpathy, ClarityAudience Member
E = EnvisionThought Leadership StudioInspirationVisualCreativeInspiration, EnjoymentScreenplay Writer
O = OutputMindshift DirectorImpactKinestheticActiveMotivation, ConfidenceMovie Director


The multiple-perspective, multiple stage process is also holistic in that it balances the perspective of the audience with that of the thought leader and the detached observer.

The THAUT Process also holistically balances sensory systems between auditory (Audience Attunement), visual (Thought Leadership Studio) and kinesthetic (MindShift Director).

Thirdly, it balances, respectively, the modes of passive, creative, and active.

Audience Attunement is about the point of view of those you influence. The empathy gained helps ensure the impact on them is positive and helps them better fulfill their higher values.

Thought Leadership Studio is the inspirational view from where you are leading the audience to. It is the perspective of the leader, encouraging an audience to embrace a new vision.

Mindshift Director takes in both beginning and endpoint from a more distant, less attached perspective. It's like how walking enough distance from a bridge enables seeing both sides of it in balance.


The THAUT process provides an architecture for large scale positive influence with a set of models as construction materials.

These models include:


This architecture is largely invisible and serves as a "back-story" that has the necessary unconscious impact to lead an audience to a new point of view, a new belief.

This multiple level communication is necessary for creating the adoption of new mental models as belief systems are largely unconscious.

Thought Leadership

The end result being true thought leadership - empowering an audience to enrich their lives through embracing a new mental model.

The THAUT Process brings power and effectiveness to marketing & PR campaigns, business leadership, social change, and any other area that benefits from large-scale, positive influence.

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The THAUT Process of Strategic Thought Leadership

The THAUT Process of Strategic Thought Leadership